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Camping Pads

After a fun but tiring day in the outdoors, you should be looking forward to a good night’s sleep. The problem is that many sleeping mats are too thin and flimsy to be comfortable. You might as well be sleeping on bare dirt! It’s the one part of camping that nobody likes and you’d give anything to be back on your soft, comfy bed. Unless you’re one of those people who are into glamping, that’s not a realistic wish. However, we’re happy to offer you the next best thing.

Stay dry and make some shade

Rain Fly

Enhance the comfort of your outdoor hammock with a rain fly by K.O.R. Outdoors. This waterproof and UV-resistant rain tarp and camping sun shelter protects you from pop-up storms and relentless sun as you relax in the great outdoors. Designed for quick and easy set-up, this lightweight waterproof canopy is a must-have addition to your backpacking gear and hiking accessories. Choose any scenic vista, knowing that the K.O.R. Outdoors Hammock Rain Tarp will give you a cool and comfortable view.

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Camping Hammocks

ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS from the comfort of K.O.R. Outdoors Travel Hammocks for outside. These lightweight, portable hammocks set up quickly between 2 trees and provide an airy, pressure-free place to lay back, relax and watch the clouds drift by overhead.

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